An Exceptional Place to Find Yourself

We have been on an journey to reveal the heart and soul of Mantis and the destinations discovered by Mantis. This is what we found…

Travellers today are Adventurers, Explorers, Escapists or Nomads – they are searching for moments, places, adventures and destinations that will touch their lives forever. The Mantis Collection gives them access to experiences that can shape lives, and touch souls.

Whilst each Mantis destination is completely and magnificently unique in what it offers, there’s a common thread that binds the Mantis destinations together – each destination is an exceptional place to find yourself.

Our new messaging and imagery shows that in a world of diminishing rarity and increasing commercialisation and ubiquity, we have the destinations and experiences for those who are still searching for the exceptional, the truly rare and the inspirational.

South Africa to Nigeria

Flying SAA from Johannesburg to Abuja, via Lagos? Mantis hotels offer luxurious accommodation and convenience that make your business travels between South Africa and Nigeria a pleasure!

Receive 20% off all accommodation when you book any 2 hotels including the Monarch in Rosebank, L’eola Hotel in Lagos, or The Envoy by Mantis in Abuja.

Book Now with Mantis: reservations@mantiscollection.com | +27 41 404 9300 | BOOKING CODE – SA2NIGERIA

Terms & Conditions:

  • 20% off RACK or Best Available Rate when booking a combination of Monarch Hotel, Leola Hotel or The Envoy Hotel at the same time
  • VALID: 15 August 2018 – 30 November 2019, subject to availability
  • INCLUDED: Accommodation and breakfast
  • Transfers available on request, at an additional cost at Monarch and Leola Hotels. Free of charge at The Envoy Hotel.
  • Cannot be combined with any existing offers and promotions
  • Requests will be availability dependant, if one of the requested hotels is not available – the 20% discount does not apply.

Exclusive Getaway: Island Hopping off East Africa

Imagine… immaculate beaches, clear sea waters and happy welcomes … all to yourself and your family or friends. If you’ve ever dreamed of an island-hopping holiday in the Indian Ocean, this will be hard to beat. 

Thanda Island, a private paradise in Tanzania’s Shungi Mbili Island Marine Reserve, is one of the world’s most exclusive destinations.

Circled by coral reefs and a marine reserve, the waters here teem with sea life – you can swim with gentle-giant whale sharks, and spy on turtles nesting. The villa offers a host of other activities too, such as floodlit tennis, table tennis, yoga, outstanding snorkelling, sailing, jet-skiing, kayaking, SUP-ing, water-skiing/wake-boarding and beach volleyball.
The luxurious, 5-bedroom, New England-style villa is built of sustainable materials and so that when dismantled, no trace will remain.

Looking after your every need are your own Executive Head Chef, Butlers, Hostess, Housekeepers, Cocktail Barman, Boatmen, Snorkelling Guide, Dive Instructor, Fishing Guide and Spa Therapist.


From here, it’s a lazy dhow ride to Nungwi Dreams by Mantis. This brand-new, 5 star boutique hotel lies at the northern tip of the highest rated and most pristine beach on the island of Zanzibar.

This secluded and luxurious hideaway has access to a private beach and all the convenience of every modern luxury. Contemporary architecture mingles with local Swahili and Arabic flair, giving you a complete experience on the Spice Island. Soak up the peace, or go exploring legendary Stonetown, Zanzibar’s unique island style will creep under your skin and into your heart.

Cooling off Nungwi Dreams









Head south now to another private beach house, this time on the Mozambican island of Benguerra.

Nestled in a secluded location away from the famous Azura resort, the Presidential Villa is the epitome of style and luxury, and just a few steps from the beach. There are 3 en-suite bedrooms, indoor and outdoor bathrooms, a media room, sitting/dining area with ‘wine bar’, huge infinity pool, and a fantastic treehouse to catch the afternoon breezes and panoramic views to Bazaruto Island.

Azura Benguerra, Mozambique

Discover more here:

Thanda Island
Nungwi Dreams
The Presidential Villa

The Envoy – an exceptional place to find yourself in Abuja

We are excited to announce that The Envoy in Abuja, Nigeria, is now open for business!

Nigeria’s renowned capital, where diplomats, businessmen and world leaders converge, is one of Africa’s foremost cities. Abuja is a city of distinction and discovery.

The Envoy sets a new precedent of urbane sophistication and unrivalled luxury for the distinguished traveller. With a modern facade, advanced technological facilities and eco-sensitive amenities, it is the perfect destination for business and leisure.

Read more on the Envoy’s website 

Touching Heaven in Cape Town

Perfect for families who seek togetherness in faraway places, Skydance is a villa that offers an elegant, relaxing retreat in beautiful Cape Town.

With views to the mountain and the ocean, Skydance Villa lies high above exclusive Bishopscourt and enjoys some of the best vistas offered in Cape Town. Here you truly get the sense that you are almost in the clouds.

Approximately 20 minutes from the centre of Cape Town, and close to the wine farms of Constantia, Skydance is less than 50m from Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

This exclusive-use, 6-bedroom villa with its exquisitely tended gardens (serviced by a borehole), enjoys exceptional views of the Table Mountain chain and False Bay. Various generous reception rooms, entertainment areas and a pool room make Skydance at once an indulgent yet informal villa. It is perfect for parents, kids and grandkids who love to travel together.

Some of the amenities include:
Swimming pool with safety pool cover
Pool room for entertainment
Off-street secure parking for up to 15 cars and Double Garage
Jungle gym for Children
Electronic safe
Select satellite TV in sitting room
Select satellite TV in bedroom
Tea and coffee-making facilities
Wood burning fireplaces
Wi-Fi throughout
State of the art security system

Founders’ Fascinating Flightless Dung Beetles

Flightless Addo Dung Beetles at Founders Reserve have been seen using dung balls to cool their feet! They rest their hot feet on top of the dung ball and take a breather. Put your own feet up and read about the tiny creatures we cannot do without…

Located in the birthplace of conservation in the Eastern Cape, the Founders Lodge Experience revolves around intimate interaction with the natural environment.

When Shamwari was established by the founder of Mantis, Adrian Gardiner, big game was re-introduced to the area. So too were all the ecological health workers in the chain of life. More than 20 years on, these little creatures remain the stars of the Founders Lodge nature walk – an experience that delves into the workings of everyday life on the reserve.

A critical creature in the rewilding of Shamwari in the 1990s were the Addo Flightless Dung Beetles. These environmentally friendly bugs help to aerate the soil and fertilize the ground. Their busy work made a huge contribution to Shamwari’s rehabilitation, from degraded farm land into the conservation success story it is today.

Coming in at between 22 and 47 mm in size, the Addo Flightless Dung Beetle punches way above its weight class as the Hercules of the animal kingdom. The beetle has vestigial wings that cannot support it in flight.

This particular species (Circellium bacchus) evolved to be dependant for nourishment and breeding on the dung of big game, such as rhino, elephant and buffalo. When populations of these animals in the Eastern Cape were killed off in the 1800s, the Addo Flightless Dung Beetle was left extremely vulnerable as it could not fly to new habitats.

It walks from dung pat to dung pat to feed and collect the dung it needs to build dung balls. Feeding might take place at the dung site, but younger adults usually prepare a small ball and roll it away to eat in a protected location. The Addo Flightless Dung Beetle prefers the coarse dung of elephant, rhino and buffalo but will feed on dung from a variety of species. Buffalo dung is preferred for breeding.

Female beetles produce one offspring per breeding cycle, sometimes two per year. Fecundity is therefore low. When breeding, the female removes a portion of dung from the pile, pats it into a ball and rolls it from 7 to 80 metres away, depending on when she finds a suitable site. A dung beetle can roll a ball 50 times its own weight! Unlike other dung beetles, the Flightless Dung Beetle male trails his mate by a few centimetres but does not help roll the ball. When the ideal site is decided on, the female excavates the hole and the male then positions himself on top of the dung ball and sinks down with it, the depth varying from 17 to 37 cm.

Mating then takes place and the egg is deposited. The male returns to the surface and the female remains with her brood throughout the early (larval) development. This is critical for the survival of the larva as she constantly clears away fungus that develops on the outside of the dung ball. The development time from egg to adult ranges from 120 to 140 days. The young adult then feeds for another 50 to 65 days before becoming sexually mature.

Previously, the species was widely distributed in the old Cape Province and extended north into the Transvaal. As elephants, rhinos and buffalos became regionally extinct, the beetles became restricted to the Addo National Park, where small herds of buffalo and elephant survived.

Addo dung beetles have been seen using the dung ball to cool their feet. They rest their hot feet on top of the dung ball and take a breather.

On your next visit to Founders, we would be delighted to take you on an in-depth exploration of our private 400-hectare reserve. Populated only with grazing animals, the Founders Reserve allows you to observe the inner workings of animal interaction with birds, plants and insects such as the Flightless Dung Beetle. An experience that will enrich your safari and give you a deeper understanding of the Big Five game you will encounter on the adjacent Shamwari Reserve.

Exciting things to do on St Helena

St Helena has attracted adventurers for years. The fishing is fantastic. The fauna and flora are fascinating. The views are spectacular, and it’s hard to believe that so many different eco systems can exist on one small island. Whether you’re a history buff, an avid diver, a hiker or you’re simply looking for a unique destination to explore, this remote island in the Atlantic Ocean offers a wealth of things to do.

Welcome to St Helena! Your comfort is assured – Mantis St Helena offers excellent accommodation in one of the island’s Georgian buildings with a newly built wing. Now you just need to decide what you’ll choose to do while you’re here!

Download the itineraries below for great ideas and activities that will make your stay the holiday of a lifetime. These are just a fraction of the possibilities on the island. For further ideas, read our blog about St Helena here, or visit St Helena Tourism.

Suggested General Itinerary


Itinerary for Hikers


Itinerary for Divers


Itinerary for History Buffs

all photographs courtesy of st helena tourism.

Mantis Signs Strategic Partnership with Accor Hotels Group

At a press conference on 5 April, Mantis Founder and Chairman, Adrian Gardiner, announced a partnership with Accor Hotels, which saw the world-leading travel & lifestyle group acquire a 50% stake in Mantis.

Gardiner said, “There are numerous synergies between the two groups – both operate global hospitality networks offering rare and unique experiences, and both have a focus on conservation. This partnership  will strengthen the Mantis offering, as well as ensuring future growth and resilience in an ever evolving and increasingly competitive market.”

Sébastian Bazin, Chairman and CEO of AccorHotels, and Adrian Gardiner, Founder and Chairman of Mantis, at the announcement of the new partnership.

Accor Hotels is a world-leading travel-and-lifestyle group and digital innovator offering unique experiences in more than 4 000 hotels and resorts and over 2 500 of the private residences around the globe. Accor Hotels operates in 95 countries under luxury brands including Raffles, Fairmont, Sofitel, Onefinestay, Pullman and Swissôtel, the popular  boutique brands of Novotel, Mercure, Mama Shelter and Adagio; and economy brands including Ibis, Grand Mercure, The Sebel and Hotel F1.

“Accor Hotels is one of the fastest growing hotel and travel operators worldwide,” Gardiner continued. “This agreement allows Mantis to utilize Accor Hotels’ distribution channels and world-wide reach to further develop the hospitality concepts and sustainability projects we have worked so tirelessly to grow.”


Olivier Granet, Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer of Accor Hotels Middle East and Africa (MEA), said, “Mantis is a pioneer in customized travel services in some of the most imaginative hotels across the world. This partnership provides us with access to an indigenous African brand with a strong heritage, ecological focus and noteworthy credentials in the hospitality space. This will undoubtedly accelerate Accor Hotels’ expansion across the Middle East and Africa, adding to our existing network of over 200 properties with more than 150 hotels in the pipeline across the region.”

Included in the announcement was a briefing on The Community Conservation Fund Africa, a foundation to be established by Mantis and Accor Hotels in partnership with  renowned international conservation organisations The Wilderness Foundation Global, Tusk Trust and African Parks.

The initial funding of $600 000 will be sponsored by Accor Hotels and Mantis. The official launch of the The Community Conservation Fund Africa will take place in May 2018.

More about Accor Hotels

With an unmatched collection of brands and a rich history spanning close to five decades, Accor Hotels, along with its global team of more than 250 000 dedicated women and men, has a purposeful and heartfelt mission: to make every guest Feel Welcome. Guests enjoy access to one of the world’s most rewarding hotel loyalty programs – Le Club Accor Hotels.

Accor Hotels is active in its local communities and committed to sustainable development and solidarity through Planet 21, a comprehensive programme that brings together employees, guests and partners to drive sustainable growth.

Read more on the Accor Hotels Group website.

Bernard joins the bridge of the Zambezi Queen

Bernard Kaiba shares his knowledge of animal behaviour, passion for the culture and history of local communities, and warm hospitality with all who sail with him down the Chobe River on the Zambezi Queen. Congrats on your promotion, Bernard!

Bernard Kaiba is one of the many people who make Mantis destinations exceptional places to find yourself.

His name is frequently mentioned  in compliments and reviews by guests who have enjoyed a voyage of discovery on the Zambezi Queen. It will be no surprise to those who’ve met him to hear that Bernard has been promoted to the management team.

Bernard has been with the company for 8 years and as Head Guide has always communicated his knowledge of animal behaviour with an enthusiasm that adds depth to the wonder of our water-borne safaris. Being from Ijambwe Village, he also loves to share his passion for the culture and history of the local communities we visit. And the warm hospitality he extends to our guests has ensured that all who sail with him on the Zambezi Queen enjoy an exceptional experience.

His new position as Host/Front of House Manager is richly deserved. We congratulate Bernard and wish him the best of luck in his his new role.

Join the Ultimate Conservation Voluntour 2018

See South Africa’s “Big 7. Leave with a stronger understanding of conservation issues, knowing that you have made an important contribution to the protection of these species.

Worldwide Experience, founded by Mantis director Paul Gardiner, launched the Ultimate Conservation Voluntour in 2017. This 12-day boutique voluntour is an unforgettable opportunity to view the “Big 7”, to learn about the conservation threats that these and other species face, and to be a part of the efforts to conserve them and their habitats.

A dedicated guide will host your entire Voluntour, ensuring that you have a learning adventure filled with fun. And that you leave with a stronger understanding of conservation issues, knowing that you have made an important contribution.

The Ultimate Conservation Voluntour is hosted at Mantis Collection or similar properties. Starting in Cape Town, you will follow the famous Garden Route of South Africa, staying in Mantis hotels or similar, and concluding the tour at the spectacular Founders Lodge by Mantis in the Eastern Cape. Along the way, you will gain exposure to selected conservation projects within our portfolio, giving you an incredibly diverse experience incorporating elements of:

  • Wildlife conservation
  • Marine conservation
  • Conservation management
  • Game reserve activities
  • Tree planting
  • Community projects
  • Environmental awareness
  • Exploring the beauty & cultures of South Africa
  • The chance to see the “Big 7” (lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo, cheetah, whales, and great white shark)

For more information about accommodation and the itinerary, visit Worldwide Experience.

This voluntour is presented in association with our adventure travel partner, Freewalker Adventure Travel.

Planning a holiday in Europe? Here’s your itinerary…

Just imagine exploring Europe on an adventure built around these hotels … All exceptional places to find yourself, all discovered by Mantis, all nominated for World Travel Awards.

In a world of diminishing rarity, Mantis helps you discover and experience the truly exceptional and rare.

Treehotel, in Sweden, is a unique experience where guests sleep in pine-tree-suspended rooms of whimsical, contemporary design. Treehotel is nominated for Europe’s Leading Design Hotel 2018 Award.

Tree Hotel, Sweden

Also in Sweden, Icehotel is in line for two World Travel Awards: Europe’s Leading Green Hotel 2018 and Sweden’s Leading Boutique Hotel 2018.

Ice Hotel, Sweden

The Draycott Hotel, in the heart of London’s Chelsea, has been nominated for England’s Leading Boutique Hotel 2018.

Draycott Hotel, London

In Paris, Hotel Keppler, just minutes away from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysées, is up for France’s Leading Boutique Hotel 2018 Award.

Hotel Keppler, Paris

And Iconic Santorini, a boutique cave hotel on an exquisite island in the Aegean Sea, is nominated for the award for Greece’s Leading Boutique Hotel 2018.

Iconic Santorini, Greece

For trade rates, please contact Sales Manager, Danie Davids on danie.davids@mantiscollection.com