China Joins the Ethical Conservation Revolution

A strategic partnership with China; renewed hope for conservation.

Worldwide Experience drives conservation forward through education, volunteer programmes, and hands-on accredited courses facilitated by ethical partner projects and properties.

Worldwide Experience is a division of Mantis and spearheads the conservation project development arm of Mantis Education. Worldwide offers a range of experiences that place travellers, veterinary students and volunteers at the forefront of conservation operations.

Worldwide Experience recently hosted Giacomo Falcone of Kooka Nature in the People’s Republic of China. In two weeks, the Worldwide team showcased numerous projects and properties in South Africa and Namibia, and Kooka Nature has committed to sending groups from China on nature conservation expeditions to Africa and beyond.

Giacomo got to meet an elephant at a project which provides a home for three elephants rescued from an elephant-back safari operation. The elephants have their handlers with them throughout the day, with volunteers joining on early morning walks to help monitor the behaviour and capture this data.

This agreement enables Worldwide Experience to target audiences from the Far East with conservation messaging. The main goal is that each traveller returns to China as an ambassador for conservation and influences a paradigm shift in their communities’ attitude towards wildlife products.

Giacoma with Stenden’s Jacques de Klerk at Kofflyaggte, their wildlife management campus. Jacques has his masters degree in wildlife management, and his passion, knowledge and expertise impressed Giacomo immensely, so much so, Giacomo insists that groups from China attend this experience. Here Jacques is showing Giacoma how technology is used in conservation.

Kooka Nature is a tour operator under the Qiaounyu Foundation, a powerful foundation in China with strong links to their government. The organisation has agreements to manage over 70 protected natural areas in China, some of which have been earmarked for  Worldwide Experience to assist with the development of nature education camps at several of these spectacular locations.

Giacomo meeting a cheetah up close at the Daniell Cheetah Centre. Cheetahs here serve as ambassadors for their species and are also part of a national breeding programme to diversify the Cheetah gene pool.

“Give them the fields and the woods, and the possibility of the world salvaged from the lords of profit.

Stand them in the stream, head them upstream, rejoice as they learn to love this green space they live in,

its sticks and leaves and then the silent, beautiful blossom. Attention is the beginning of devotion” ~ Mary Oliver

For more information about Worldwide Experience, and to become part of the ethical conservation revolution – please contact or +44 (0) 1483 860 560.