Exciting things to do on St Helena

St Helena has attracted adventurers for years. The fishing is fantastic. The fauna and flora are fascinating. The views are spectacular, and it’s hard to believe that so many different eco systems can exist on one small island. Whether you’re a history buff, an avid diver, a hiker or you’re simply looking for a unique destination to explore, this remote island in the Atlantic Ocean offers a wealth of things to do.

Welcome to St Helena! Your comfort is assured – Mantis St Helena offers excellent accommodation in one of the island’s Georgian buildings with a newly built wing. Now you just need to decide what you’ll choose to do while you’re here!

Download the itineraries below for great ideas and activities that will make your stay the holiday of a lifetime. These are just a fraction of the possibilities on the island. For further ideas, read our blog about St Helena here, or visit St Helena Tourism.

Suggested General Itinerary


Itinerary for Hikers


Itinerary for Divers


Itinerary for History Buffs

all photographs courtesy of st helena tourism.

Don’t miss this chance to discover St Helena

Launch rates for the Mantis St Helena will be available until September 2018. Come and discover all this remote British outpost has to offer

“There are few undiscovered destinations left in the world. There are few journeys left that are firsts in the world.” Experience the extraordinary nature, history and culture of St Helena, a remote island of unique character and unspoilt beauty.

Until now, intrepid adventurers have been able to reach the tropical British territory only by ship. Thanks to the advent of commercial flights it is now more accessible but no less enchanting, peaceful and beautiful.

And waiting to welcome you is the Mantis St Helena, a 30-bedroom boutique hotel. A combination of restored historic buildings (the old East India Company’s Officers’ Barracks) and a newly built contemporary wing, it opened at the end of 2017 and the special launch rates will be available until September 2018. (In a first for this distant outpost, the hotel boasts credit card facilities!)

Activities available include the bucket list adventure of swimming with gigantic whale sharks, the largest fish in the ocean. (This is offered only under careful supervision, with a monitored exclusion zone, ensuring that the gentle creatures are not disturbed.) From the nostalgia of Jamestown to the cloud forests of Diana’s Peak and the rolling hills of the island’s interior, St Helena’s contrasting and spectacular scenery, centuries-old military fortifications and graceful buildings make it the perfect place for active exploration.  Follow this link to see more things to do on St Helena …

In a world of diminishing rarity, discover and experience the truly exceptional on St Helena with Mantis.

For updated rate sheets email Liezl Meyer at Mantis Central Reservations office on liezl.meyer@mantiscollection.com.